This Service Agreement is between Morris Fox Pty Ltd and the Participant/Nominee representative in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This Service Agreement will commence on the date you sign up with Morris Fox Pty Ltd.

This Service Agreement is to be read in conjunction with the Customer Policy which forms part of this service agreement.

This Service Agreement will remain in effect from the date of signing for the duration of the Participants association with Morris Fox, until we are otherwise notified by the Participant/Nominated representative.

The NDIS and this Service Agreement

This Service Agreement is made for the purpose of providing supports under the Participant's NDIS plan.

This service agreement will commence upon receipt of the Participant's NDIS plan.

The Parties agree that this Service Agreement is made in the context of the NDIS, which is a scheme that aims to:

  • support the independence and social economic participation of people with a disability; and
  • enable people with a disability to exercise choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports.

Schedule of supports

Morris Fox Pty Ltd agrees to provide the following supports where applicable:

  • Support Connection - Set up costs 07_001_0106_8_3
  • Coordination of Supports 07_002_0106_8_3
  • Training in Planning And Plan Management 07_003_0117_8_3
  • Specialist Support Coordination 07_004_0132_8_3

The supports and their prices are set out in the attached Schedule of Supports. All prices are GST inclusive (if applicable) and include the cost of providing the supports.

Additional expenses (i.e. things that are not included as part of a Participant's NDIS supports) are the responsibility of the (participant/participant's representative) and are not included in the cost of the supports. E.g. entrance fees, event tickets, meals, etc.

Morris Fox Pty Ltd will increase fees in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide which is normally updated at the beginning of each financial year.

Responsibilities of Provider

The Provider agrees to:

  • provide support coordination services
  • communicate openly and honestly in a timely manner
  • treat the Participant with courtesy and respect
  • consult the Participant on decisions about how supports are provided
  • give the Participant information about managing any complaints or disagreements and details of the Provider's cancellation policy
  • listen to the Participant's feedback and resolve problems quickly
  • give the Participant the required notice if the Provider needs to end the Service Agreement (see Ending the Service Agreement below for more information)
  • protect the Participant's privacy and confidential information
  • provide supports in a manner consistent with all relevant laws, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and rules, and the Australian Consumer Law; keep accurate records on the supports provided to the Participant

Rights and Responsibilities of Participant/Participant's Representative

As a client of Morris Fox Pty Ltd, you have the right

  • To be treated with respect and compassion
  • To bring or request an advocate to discuss plans on your behalf
  • To receive plan management and/or support coordination services free of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex/gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, class, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental ability
  • To participate in the management of your plan
  • To be informed about options available to you in a timely manner
  • To reach an agreement with your coordinator about the frequency of contact you will have either in person or over the phone.
  • To withdraw your voluntary consent to participate in management.
  • To request an interpreter if at any point you do not fully comprehend anything relevant to our services
  • To have your medical records and management records be treated confidentially.
  • To have information released only in the following circumstances:
    • When you sign a written release of information
    • When there is a medical emergency
    • When a clear and immediate danger to you or to others exists
    • When there is possible child or elder abuse
    • When ordered by a court of law
  • To file a grievance or otherwise provide feedback about services you are receiving or denial of services
  • To not be subjected to physical, sexual, verbal and/or emotional abuse or threats.

As a client of Morris Fox Pty Ltd, you have the responsibility

  • To treat other clients and staff of this organisation with respect and courtesy
  • To protect the confidentiality of other clients you encounter at this organisation
  • To participate as much as you are able in creating a plan for management to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities in enacting said plan
  • To let your coordinator know any concerns you have about your management plan or changes in your needs
  • To make and keep appointments to the best of your ability, or if possible to phone to cancel or change an appointment time
  • To stay in communication with your coordinator by informing them of changes in your address or phone number and responding to the manager's attempts to contact you to the best of your ability
  • To not subject staff, or other clients to physical, sexual, verbal and/or emotional abuse or threats.


Morris Fox Pty Ltd will claim payment directly from the NDIS as per the schedule of supports.

The schedule of supports is updated each financial year. The updated schedule of financial supports can be found on our website at

Changes to the Participant's plan

If the Participant's plan changes in any way, the Participant/Nominated representative will notify Morris Fox Pty Ltd immediately either in writing or via email and agree to provide full details of the changes.

If the Participant's plan is replaced by another plan, the Participant/Nominated representative will notify Morris Fox Pty Ltd immediately either in writing or via email and agrees to provide a copy of the new plan.

Changes to this Service Agreement

If changes to the supports or their delivery are required, the Parties agree to discuss and review this Service Agreement. The Parties agree that any changes to this Service Agreement will be in writing, signed, and dated by the Parties.

Ending this Service Agreement

Should either Party wish to end this Service Agreement they must give a minimum 14 days' notice noting that it may take up to one month to end service bookings on the NDIS portal.

If either Party seriously breaches this service agreement the requirement of notice will be waived.

Feedback, complaints and disputes

If the Participant wishes to give the Provider feedback or is not happy with the provision of supports and wishes to make a complaint, the Participant can talk to Morris Fox Pty Ltd on (03) 9458 1251 or

If the Participant is not satisfied or does not want to talk to this person, the Participant can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency by calling 1800 800 110, visiting one of their offices in person, or visiting for further information.

Goods and services tax (GST)

For the purposes of GST legislation, the Parties confirm that:

  • the supports described in this Service Agreement are reasonable and necessary supports specified in the statement of supports in the Participant's NDIS plan currently in effect under section 37 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013.;
  • the Participant's NDIS plan is expected to remain in effect during the period the supports are provided; and
  • the Participant/Participant's Representative will immediately notify the Provider if the Participant's NDIS Plan is replaced by a new plan or the Participant stops being a participant in the NDIS.

Agreement signatures

The Parties agree to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.

The Parties agree that they have received a copy of the Customer Policy, and acknowledge and understand their rights and responsibilities.


Signature of Participant/Participant's Representative Date


Name of Participant/Participant's Representative


Signature of authorised person from Morris Fox Pty Ltd Date

Craig Shallard

Name of authorised person from Morris Fox Pty Ltd

NOTE: the signatures will now be digital ie. By accepting this, you agree to the terms and conditions as set out in the Service Agreement and associated Customer Policy

Support Coordination (Victoria and NSW)

Support Item Support Item Ref No. Description UOM
Support Connection 07_001_0106_8_3 Assistance for participants to implement their plan by strengthening the ability to connect with the broader systems of supports and understand the purpose of the funded supports and participant in the community. Support Connection will assist a participant to understand the aspects of the plan, assisting in ongoing management of supports, and answer questions as they arise. Hour
Coordination Of Supports 07_002_0106_8_3 Further qualifications/experience required to strengthen a participant's ability to design and the build their supports with an emphasis on linking the broader systems of support across a complex service delivery environment. Coordination of Supports is to focus on supporting participants to direct their lives, not just their services. This may include resolving points of crisis, and developing resilience in the participant's network. Hour
Training In Planning And Plan Management 07_003_0117_8_3 Capacity building and training in plan administration and management for participants unable to do this independently but who could do all or part of the task with training. Hour
Specialist Support Coordination 07_004_0132_8_3 Generally delivered in a time limited, outcomes focused manner and by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner to meet the individual needs of the participant's circumstances. Necessitated by specific high complex needs or high level risks in a participant's situation, to reduce complexity in the participant's support environment in the context of broader systems of support, whilst also assisting the participant to connect with NDIS supports, negotiate solutions with multiple stakeholders and build capacity and resilience. Hour