Customer Policy

Client Satisfaction

We as an organisation are committed to ensuring that
  • clients are given as much choice as possible regarding the services available to them.
  • clients are supported by any chosen advocate or representative, and this advocate or representative puts the client's best interests as their primary concern.
  • clients can access as much technology, aid and equipment as possible to make the best decisions for their care
  • we provide information that will enhance understanding of services available to ensure informed decision making
  • we include family members and significant others in decision making processes as applicable
  • we respect any cultural differences of clients and ensure that any services recognise and work to maintain cultural identity
  • we work to strengthen independence, life and self-care skills of our clients where possible

Active Participation, Community and Culture

Clients of Morris Fox are entitled, supported and encouraged to
  • actively participate in their plan management
  • pursue opportunities that arise through community resources
  • be informed and have access to any available information on community resources
  • identify set goals for their provided services and actively strive to achieve these goals
  • participate in any educational, recreational, cultural and community based event that we or they have knowledge of
  • exercise personal, cultural, spiritual, gender and sexual identities without fear of discrimination
  • maintain connections to family, friends and support networks, and where applicable seek to enhance these links through any available supports
  • maintain and where possible strengthen connection to cultural background
  • request linguistic interpreters to provide the highest level of communication possible

Enforcing Your Rights and Responsibilities


Morris Fox is committed to ensuing that you will receive the above rights through the processes outlined below.


Non-discriminatory assessment

  1. As a part of our Client Package, under our service agreement, participants will be able to provide all relevant information to their assessment including but not limited to race, colour, sex/gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, class, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental ability.
  2. We will then endeavour to liaise with the participant or a chosen advocate to assess their needs based on all information given without discrimination.

Priority of Access, Waiting Lists and Demand

  1. We will assess participant access based initially on their immediate needs and the capacity of our organisation to meet their needs.
  2. Once demand increases, our duty of care is first to our current participants, however we will endeavour to take on new participants to the best of our ability.
  3. After assessment of the initial service agreement, participants will be sorted into order of priority to the best of our judgement.
  4. Our number one priority is the immediate health and safety of each participant. After this participants will be assessed based on their funding categories and needs.
  5. Participants will be informed of how long we expect their wait for services to be. Through customer feedback and our risk register we will make sure engagement with the participants needs is met to the best of our abilities.

Review and Referral Processes

  1. We are committed to provided reviews based on the length of a participants plan to ensure that any alterations that benefit the client can be made in a timely manner.
  2. Requests for services will be met in a timely manner in relation to the demand of current clients. We will acknowledge clients that their referrals for service have been received within two weeks and provide them with an estimated timeline of our service beginning.
  3. Should we be unable to take on new clients in a timeframe that suits them, we will offer to refer them on to an alternate service. As outlined in client rights and responsibilities, we will not forward on any personal or medical information without the clients written consent. Referrals will only be forwarded on with the client's full verbal consent and without personal information.

Allocating, Cancelling and Refusing Services

  1. Allocation of services will occur in direct liaison with the client or representative after assessment of their eligibility.
  2. We will endeavour to obtain the client the best services possible for their needs and explain their options thoroughly.
  3. Clients will be encouraged to contact us should they will to alter their services, as outlined in the service agreement
  4. It is our responsibility to plan reviews of services, should the client's needs change without our notification their service plans will be altered at the time of their review.
  5. Clients will be provided with a copy of our cancellation policy should they wish to terminate services.

Re-Accessing Cancelled Services

  1. We will maintain client files for a year after each cancellation of services.
  2. Clients who have cancelled services with Morris Fox will be able to contact our offices to re-open their client files within a year of termination.
  3. We will assess on a case by case basis if clients can re-enter our services in relation to our demand policy. If we are unable to take on old clientele without jeopardising care of current clients we will endeavour to refer them on to an alternate service with full written consent to transfer any files.

Client Contact and Information

  1. We acknowledge that there is a high probability of working with vulnerable clients with complex needs in this field. Therefore any client contact and information sharing will be done with the upmost of care.
  2. In initial meetings with clients, their intake forms and service agreements, we will make sure to obtain the best contacts whether that be the client, a parent/guardian, or an appointed representative.
  3. We will make sure that clients and their representatives are as fully informed as possible about the services they are eligible for and receive, including the use of interpreters if needed.
  4. Clients will be provided with information about all services they are eligible for in our knowledge, making sure that they understand the full breadth of their options. We will work with clients to facilitate their understanding of these options.
  5. Our eligibility criteria will extend to linguistically and culturally diverse providers so that clients can be provided with a full array of options.

Office Hours and Rules

  1. Our hours of operation can be accessed on our website, as of July 2018 they are:
    • Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
  2. Meetings are by appointment only

Risk Management in and out of the Workplace

  1. It is Morris Fox's policy to take in information about potential risk management needs for clients at the time of service commencing.
  2. We will ask clients to fill out a risk assessment form that covers possible dangers applicable to the client or our employees in the workplace or at a client's home.
  3. This risk assessment will also cover possible risks that will effect client services including travel difficulties and environmental effects.
  4. Clients will be provided with a copy of our Risk Register for our workplace upon request.

Customer Feedback and Assessment

It is Morris Fox's policy to regularly obtain client feedback to ensure that we are constantly improving. As a client you can request a complaint or feedback form at any time from our employees. You will be asked to provide us with feedback and assessments annually.


Please answer as many questions as you are able to below. We appreciate your ongoing feedback!

How satisfied are you with our service?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

How would you rate our communication levels (timely responses to requests, availability of your manager, etc)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

How would you rate the personality of our staff?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Have you had any difficulties with our staff?

Have you felt threatened or neglected at any point when using our services?

Have you felt discriminated against at any point when using our services?

Do you feel there are any areas which we could improve?

Any Further Comments:

Wellbeing and Understanding of Clients

We as an organisation are committed to ensuring that
  • Client's strengths and aims are identified in conjunction with the client, with a view to build on these capabilities and to assist the client to actively participate in the management of their plan and the coordination of the plan to that best of their abilities
  • Strategies to assist a client to actively participate in the management of their plan and the coordination of their plan will be implemented and conveyed to the client
  • Implementing early intervention strategies to ensure clients are able to actively participate in the management and coordination of their plan
  • The organisation takes a holistic approach when assessing the needs including such things as parent, family and carer supports, age, ability and culture
  • The organisation will provide the client with a detailed service agreement outlining but not limited to:
    • The rights of the individual
    • A brief description of the client's circumstances eg. Family supports.
    • The client's goals and how the organisation plans to meet these goals
  • The client will receive their service agreement in a format that they understand.
  • The client, parent, family and/or carers will actively participate in the review and assessment of their plan
  • The organisation will do it's best to recognise and respect the client, parent, family and/or carers age, ability, gender, sexual identity, culture, religion and/or spirituality, and create and evaluate their plan accordingly
  • The organisation has a process for exit/transition/closing client relations that involves participation of the client, parent, family and/or carer
  • The organisation, in conjunction with the client, parent, family and/or carers will review the plans on an annual basis
  • Our service will be provided in an environment where people are free from abuse, neglect, violence and preventable injury.

Cancellation Policy

If the participant or their representative should want to cancel this service agreement they should contact Morris Fox and request a cancellation form by email or mail. This form will need to be returned within 14 days.

A final meeting may be necessary to discuss handling the deleting, archiving or transference of records, and ensuring any outstanding accounts have been settled.

Cancellation Form

Please return this form within 14 Days

Why do you wish to cancel your Service Agreement?

Are there any final tasks that need to be completed before your service can terminate?

Do you have any outstanding accounts with any providers we are handling?


Upon terminating your contract your records will be archived. Do you need a copy of your records?


If you answered YES to either of the above please note that a final meeting may be necessary to discuss handling the deleting, archiving or transference of records, and ensuring any outstanding accounts have been settled.